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Gig Posters 2013 Wall Calendar

More information about the Gig Posters 2013 Wall Calendar.

Gig Posters 2013 Wall Calendar is in these categories:
Gig Posters Wall Calendar: The Gig Posters wall calendar showcases the vibrant and unique world of contemporary music and art. The posters featured were created solely to promote live musical performances by a myriad of musicians, including Devo, Animal Collective, Girl Talk and The Decemberists to name just a few. The designers featured encompass a wide range of talent. Month to month, you'll be blown away with artwork by Scrojo, Eline van Dam, Nate Duval, Furturtle Show Prints and more. Gig Posters has its finger on the pulse of contemporary art and music culture with this distinctive genre of artwork. The images in Gig Posters are sourced from, the world's quintessential online art gallery of concert posters, flyers and handbills from around the globe. UPC: 762109061688 EAN: 9781602376168


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