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GelGems Funky Cookies for Santa

More information about the GelGems Funky Cookies for Santa.

Colorful, fun and reusable, GelGems are a dynamic new way to express yourself and decorate your surroundings. GelGems stick to your windows, mirrors, computer monitor or drinking glassesany non-porous surface. Send a message to your neighbors, add a splash of color, or create a detailed mosaic. Then, when you feel the creative itch again, take down your design and start again. Dont stick GelGems on drywall, wood, painted surfaces, plastic, fabric or other porous surfacesthey will leave oily marks. GelGems are not suitable for children under 4 and are not toys. GelGems are decorative icons and not toys. GelGems are a choking hazard. Use under adult supervision. GelGems are non-toxic, but should not be ingested. UPC: 095787136523


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