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Golf Courses (French) 2013 Wall Calendar

More information about the Golf Courses (French) 2013 Wall Calendar.

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Golf Courses Wall Calendar: Diehard golfers know that it is likely they will never master the game they love. Certainly, this can be frustrating, and yet golfers persist in calling this sport relaxing. Why? Let's consider... The scenery, the lush, well-manicured, and well laid-out terrain of a golf course has a great deal to with the satisfaction and relaxation that golfers enjoy. Golf course design is about finding the perfect balance between the natural lay of the land and the artificial creation of holes and hazards. When done right, it's art. This Golf Courses calendar surveys a collection of signature holes from spectacular courses around the world. This bilingual calendar features months, days, holidays and photo captions in French and English. EAN: 9781421697031


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