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Dilbert 2013 Mini Wall Calendar

More information about the Dilbert 2013 Mini Wall Calendar.

Dilbert Mini Wall Calendar: Dilbert spends his days in a fabric-covered box surrounded by coworkers who, in turn, are work-averse, naively enthusiastic, and occasionally prone to punching. All the while, their useless Pointy-Haired Boss rules with a fist that's more flabby than iron. Still, Dilbert fans everywhere relate to these desk jockeys as easily as if they (God forbid) inhabited the cubicle next to them. The Dilbert 2013 Mini Wall Calendar lets fans go one step further and virtually share office space with Dilbert, Wally, Asok, Alice, and the Boss. It's funnier. And a lot less crowded. Cubicle short on wall space? The small Dilbert 2013 Mini Wall Calendar includes a full-color Dilbert strip with an expanded panel each month. Dilbert(r) copyright (c) 2011 by Scott Adams, Inc. Licensed by Peanuts Worldwide LLC EAN: 050837293540 UPC: 9781449416690


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