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Caring for Your Aging Cat Book

More information about the Caring for Your Aging Cat Book.

Caring for Your Aging Cat Book is in these categories:
Caring for Your Aging Cat Book: Since cats have a natural talent for looking better than they feel, it may surprise owners to learn that felines are considered "senior" at 7 and "geriatric" at 14. This invaluable guide explains such things as how to help an older cat with grooming, how to recognize the diseases that come with age, and how to tell if the animal is in pain or discomfort. Here, too, are the many different state-of-the-art treatments availableincluding how much each should cost. End-of-life questionssuch as euthanasia and hospice careare discussed frankly and with compassion for both pet and owner. Full of heartwarming case studies, this is a book for everyone who has the good fortune to live with a cat. By Janice Borzendowski, 218 pages, Softcover. ISBN: 1402726139 EAN: 9781402726132"


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