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Ghosts of the Great War 2014 Deluxe Wall Calendar

More information about the Ghosts of the Great War 2014 Deluxe Wall Calendar.

Ghosts of the Great War Wall Calendar: The First World War began to hammer aircraft into reliable flying form only ten summers after man's first flight. These first warplanes, born as sport planes, soon evolved into the lethal aircraft that swarmed over the bloody trenches of Europe. They altered the history of the world and carried the dreams and the nightmares of all mankind on their wings. Renowned aviation photographer Philip Makanna has captured the essence of this era in Ghosts, The Great War, a large-format calendar that features his stunning, air-to-air, color photographs. Stunning images and an evocative day-by-day history of the aviation (and related) events of the period combine to describe the beauty, the romance and the tragedy of military aviation's early days. ISBN: 0916997464 EAN: 9780916997465


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