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Make Your Own Opoly Board Game (A Monopoly-type game)

More information about the Make Your Own Opoly Board Game (A Monopoly-type game).

Make Your Own Opoly Board Game (A Monopoly-type game) is in these categories:
With Make Your Own Opoly, players can construct a custom made Monopoly type board by using some scissors, a PC and virtually any printer! This game contains everything you need to hand customize the game board, cards, and play money for your very own property trading game. After you're done, even the box itself will look like it was manufactured just for you, your family, your town, your school or virtually any special purpose. With a digital camera or scanner, you can even put your own picture on the play money. MAKE-YOUR-OWN-OPOLY contains award winning, easy to follow drawing and cutting instructions and also software that will easily allow even a first-timer to produce a quality one-of-a-kind board game. For ages 13 and up.


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