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Cow Humor Calendars

Spend 2013 with great Cow Humor Calendars

Cow Abductions 2013 Wall Calendar
Where are all the cows mooooving to? Could it be that aliens are abducting them? These twelve official photo-documented images suggest that its so.
Cows 2013 Mini Wall Calendar
Once again COWS of PEI offers their truly unique and fun tribute to the humble cow.
Cows 2013 Wall Calendar
Enjoy a year of cows! These gentle bovines will moo-ve you with their wide-eyed gazes and charming dispositions.
Cows Cows Cows 2013 Wall Calendar
Lowell Herrero's 21st edition of Cows Cows Cows is a playful look at the classic bovine creature, over the moon and in the field.

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