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Houses Calendars

Spend 2013 with great Houses Calendars

Always Welcome 2013 Wall Calendar
Artist Ned Young brings to vivid life scenes from North America's back yards, home gardens and front porches in this 2013 Wall Calendar from Legacy.
Craftsman Bungalows 2013 Easel Desk Calendar
Craftsman Bungalows Easel Calendar: This Craftsman Bungalows easel desk calendar is for everyone who loves the American Arts & Crafts movement of the 1910s and 1920s.
Great Houses of Mexico (Spanish) 2013 Wall Calendar
Great Houses of Mexico Wall Calendar: More than any other structure in Mexico, the hacienda symbolizes Mexicos colonial past and all that it represents.
The Earth-Friendly House Knowledge Cards
The world's environmental problems seem to grow each day.
Treehouses of the World 2013 Wall Calendar
Treehouses are the most innovativeand greenestarchitectural phenomenon of the 21st century.
Vintage Suburbia 2013 Easel Desk Calendar
Vintage Suburbia Easel Calendar: The idyllic Suburbia of the 1950s and 1960s awaits you.

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