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Spend 2013 with great Mature Humor Calendars

Chit Chat for All Occasions - Sex
We all do it -- or wish we did it -- so why not talk about it? The perfect companion to any social gathering, this handy guide will walk you through any situation and ensure you sound like the sexpert youve always wanted to be.
College: You're a Student When 2014 Wall Calendar
College: You're a Student When Wall Calendar: Let's face it, college is where great minds think alike, drink alike, and always try to have as much fun as possible until their parents stop paying the tab.
Drinking Game-a-Day 2014 Desk Calendar
Drinking Game-a-Day Desk Calendar: Drinking Game-a-Day 2014 Calendar, features a different drinking game on each page.
Drinking Games 2013 Wall Calendar
Bored with beer? Appreciate your favorite libations in a whole new way each month with instructions for drinking games of all kinds.
Happy Hour 2013 Wall Calendar
Its been a long week, the boss has been on a rant, and your car is in the shop but its Friday and time for Happy Hour.
Hot Shotz Drinking Game
Hot Shotz is the shot glass drinking game set that includes rules for four awesome games including Die Bastard.
Passive-Aggressive Notes 2014 Desk Calendar
Passive-Aggressive Notes Desk Calendar: Disguised as helpful advice, gentle reminders, or friendly requests, the painfully polite passive-aggressive notes in this hilarious calendar are sugarcoated with smiley faces but betrayed by one too many exclamation points.
Pickups & Come-Ons Book
Approaching that hottie over there requires more than courageit takes the right words.
Retro Spoofs Magnet Set
This set of four 2" x 3" magnets feature Retro SpoofsCOFFEE.
Vice Do's and Don'ts 2013 Desk Calendar
From VICE magazinea.

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