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Native American Calendars

Spend 2013 with great Native American Calendars

American Indians 2013 Wall Calendar
The photographs in this fascinating 2013 calendar were chosen from the archive of Edward S.
American Indians Fandex
Covering a subject that is taught in school and embraced by students, American Indians functions like a pocket visual encyclopedia of the history, culture, and customs of fifty major tribes across North America.
Bev Doolittle 2013 Wall Calendar
Bevs camouflage art is a journey of discovery.
Bev Doolittle 2014 Wall Calendar
Bev Doolittle Wall Calendar: Bev's camouflage art is a journey of discovery.
Edward S. Curtis 2013 Wall Calendar
Despite the many atrocities they have faced throughout their history, despite the overwhelming challenge of preserving their cultural and spiritual traditions, despite the prejudices they face today, Native Americans stand strong and proud.
Ghost Dance 2013 Wall Calendar
In the late 1800s, the Ghost Dance religion promised hope and resurrection at a time when Native American nations across America faced destruction.
Inuit Art 2013 Softcover Engagement Calendar
About 1,200 miles north of Toronto, Baffin Island is home to a multigenerational community of gifted artists who work each winter in the printmaking studios of Cape Dorset.
Inuit Art 2013 Wall Calendar
About 1,200 miles north of Toronto, the community of Cape Dorset is home to a multigenerational community of gifted graphic artists.
Powwow 2013 Wall Calendar
Since the 1800s, Native American Plains tribes have gathered for powwows to celebrate their rich heritage.
PowWow Youth 2013 Wall Calendar
Each year children and teens dance at the many powwows around the country, following in the footsteps of their ancestors.
Sacred Journey 2014 Wall Calendar
Sacred Journey Wall Calendar: This wall calendar for 2014 features Native American paintings that speak to the soul.
Walkers of the Wind 2013 Wall Calendar
This new wall calendar for 2013 features black and white photographs of North America Indians with quotations.

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