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Slimline Wall Calendars

Spend 2013 with great Slimline Wall Calendars

Border Collies 2013 Slimline Wall Calendar
"Border Collies Wall Calendar: As sheepherding dogs originally from the English/Scottish border, Border Collies love to work.
Border Terriers 2014 Slimline Wall Calendar
Border Terriers Wall Calendar: Border Terriers are such tenacious fox hunters that they will even pursue a fox down into its underground burrow.
Cairn Terriers 2013 Slimline Wall Calendar
"Cairn Terriers Slimline Calendar: An active, alert, and intelligent dog, the Cairn Terrier has a working background.
Cat Lovers 2013 Slimline Wall Calendar
"Cat Lovers Wall Calendar: As any cat lover will tell you, there is nothing more relaxing than curling up on a sofa with a warm cat on your lap.
German Shepherds 2013 Slimline Wall Calendar
"German Shepherds Slimline Calendar: Also known as the Alsatian, the German Shepherd is a tenaciously loyal companion.
Jack Russell Terriers 2013 Slimline Wall Calendar
"Jack Russell Terriers Slimline Calendar: Exuberant, alert, and confident, the Jack Russell Terrier is a great companion.
Meerkats 2013 Slimline Wall Calendar
"Meerkats Slimline Calendar: Meerkats are gregarious animals that work well together in foraging and protecting each other.
Owls 2013 Slimline Wall Calendar
"Owls Slimline Calendar: These lovely, peculiar birds of prey are nocturnal and rather shy.
Pigs 2013 Slimline Wall Calendar
"Round and stout with pug snouts and wiggly tails, pigs are playful ""pen"" pals on the farm.
Steam Railways 2014 Slimline Wall Calendar
Steam Railways Slimline Calendar: Symbols of the Industrial Revolution and modernity, the steam railways of Great Britain offer glimpses of the past against a modern day landscape.
Yoga Cats & Kittens 2013 Slimline Wall Calendar
"From the mind that brought you the best-selling Yoga Dogs calendar, comes this a-mew-sing Yoga Cats & Kittens 2013 Slimline Calendar.

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