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Staffordshire Bull Terriers Calendars

Spend 2013 with great Staffordshire Bull Terriers Calendars

American Staffordshire Bull Terriers 2013 Wall Calendar
An American Staffordshire Terrier named Stubby rose to the rank of sergeant and was the most decorated dog of World War I.
I Love My Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bumper Sticker
This "I Love MY Staffordshire Bull" bumper sticker is a great way to show off your love and affection for you favorite family member.
Just Staffordshire Bull Terriers 2013 Wall Calendar
While their muscular bodies make them look imposing, truth is that Staffordshire Bull Terriers are gentle, happy, obedient and terrific family members.
Staffie Puppies 2013 Mini Wall Calendar
Strong and agile, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a smart and loving dog.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Caution Sign
This "Caution Area Patrolled by Staffordshire Bull" sign is a great way to let everyone know you have a Staffordshire Bull patrolling your property.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Playing Cards
These decorative playing cards are perfect for any occasion.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies 2014 Wall Calendar
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies Wall Calendar: Smarts; a friendly, affectionate nature; a sense of humorStaffordshire Bull Terrier puppies already possess so many of the traits that will make them wonderful companions as adult dogs.
Staffordshire Bull Terriers 2013 Wall Calendar
This 2013 wall calendar features a dozen images of beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terriers.
Staffordshire Bull Terriers 2014 Wall Calendar
Staffordshire Bull Terriers Wall Calendar: Originally a cross between various terriers and bulldogs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are muscular dogs with great strength and agility.

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