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Amazing Mind Mazes 2013 Desk Calendar

More information about the Amazing Mind Mazes 2013 Desk Calendar.

Amazing Mind Mazes Desk Calendar: Amazing Mazes that Mess with Your Mind! Forget the GPS youll never have so much fun being lost! With this new daily calendar, Sellers Publishing leads you down a delightful path of daily brain-boosting distractions. A unique collection of various graphic and illustrated mazes, these puzzles are designed to catch your eye and exercise your mind. Youll enjoy every moment of your journey as you navigate your way through complex optical illusions, mind-bending art and animal pictures, celebrity portraits, political cartoons, and more. So, grab a pencil, and twist and turn your way through these a-MAZE-ing puzzles! UPC: 764453090482 EAN: 9781416290483


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