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Crap at My Parents' House 2013 Desk Calendar

More information about the Crap at My Parents' House 2013 Desk Calendar.

Crap at My Parents' House Desk Calendar: Knickknacks, trinkets, baubles, curios, doodads and tchotchkes where DO they find this stuff? On his BLOG entitled Crap at My Parents House, comedian Joel Dovev collects and comments on hysterical photo submissions from all over the world, and this collection has been so wildly popular that it was recently published as a book with the same name. The Crap at My Parents House calendar celebrates the significantly strange and often courageously crude decorative items found on the BLOG, in the book, and in most of our parents houses. Paired with sarcastic commentary, these photos will make you laugh out loud! UPC: 764453090161 EAN: 9781416290162


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