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Engagement Calendars: Dogs

Spend 2013 with great Engagement Calendars: Dogs

Bichon Frise 2014 Hardcover Engagement Calendar
Bichon Frise Engagement Calendar: Always cheerful, always adorable, the curly-haired Bichon Frise is a happy and intelligent creature.
Boxers 2014 Hardcover Engagement Calendar
Boxers Engagement Calendar: The Boxer was originally bred as a working dog in Germany.
Bulldogs 2014 Hardcover Engagement Calendar
Bulldogs Engagement Calendar: Short and wrinkled, the Bulldog is a loveable, gentle animal.
Chihuahuas 2013 Hardcover Engagement Calendar
Bred long ago by the Toltecs and Aztecs, the Chihuahua is sometimes referred to as saucy! This makes sense in a number of ways.
Dachshunds 2014 Hardcover Engagement Calendar
Dachshunds Engagement Calendar: The intrepid and unmistakable Dachshund originated in Germany where it was developed to hunt the fierce badger.
German Shepherds 2014 Hardcover Engagement Calendar
German Shepherds Engagement Calendar: The German Shepherd is a dog of great courage.
Golden Retrievers 2014 Hardcover Engagement Calendar
Golden Retrievers Engagement Calendar: A strong, intelligent dog, the Golden Retriever is a sweet, loving, and loyal friend.
I Love Puppies 2014 Hardcover Engagement Calendar
I Love Puppies Engagement Calendar: Can anyone resist the face of a puppy? Cute, sweet, and trusting, a puppy radiates pure love and innocence.
Labrador Retrievers 2014 Hardcover Engagement Calendar
Labrador Retrievers Engagement Calendar: A faithful friend, full of love and devotion, the Labrador Retriever is an intelligent, patient and very adaptable dog.
Pooped Puppies 2014 Softcover Engagement Calendar
Pooped Puppies Engagement Calendar: Pooped Puppies presents an irresistible and heartwarming look at puppies at rest.
Pugs 2013 Hardcover Engagement Calendar
Long ago, Pugs were much beloved pets at Buddhist monasteries in Tibet.
Yorkshire Terriers 2014 Hardcover Engagement Calendar
Yorkshire Terriers Engagement Calendar: The Yorkshire Terrier was a very popular pet during the late Victorian era, and it has remained so ever since.

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