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Horse Art Calendars

Spend 2013 with great Horse Art Calendars

Horses in the Mist 2013 Wall Calendar
Horses in the Mist by Wild Wings Artist's Persis Clayton Weirs and Chris Cummings illustrates bands of horses in their natural settings, beautiful and pristine.
Lesley Harrison The Spirit of Horses 2013 Wall Calendar
Combining mastery of media with the majesty of horses, Lesley Harrison creates pastel paintings that are remarkable, richly detailed, and emotionally moving.
Painted Ponies 2013 Wall Calendar
The Painted Ponies wall calendar is a celebration of the dazzling art of the American carousel from the nationally acclaimed Freels Collection.
Spirit Horses 2013 Wall Calendar
Through his luminous photography of horses, Tony Stromberg works to bridge what he calls ""modern life's disturbing separation between people and nature.
Susan Friedman Equus 2013 Wall Calendar
Photographer Susan Friedman, a lifelong lover of horses, finds herself continually drawn to her captivating equine subjects.
Trail of Painted Ponies 2013 Wall Calendar
What began as a public art project has grown into a national phenomenon honored by museum and gallery exhibitions.

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